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The Circle - Heal to Rise 
February 2024

The Circle: Heal to Rise, is a profound and transformative 10-month healing journey designed to guide you through the depths of your inner world, empowering you to heal, grow, and rise to your fullest potential. This unique healing circle offers a safe and nurturing space for deep inner exploration and self-healing.


The Process

Each month, we will delve into various healing modalities and practices, carefully curated to provide a holistic and empowering experience. Expect deep inner exploration as you look at your inner child, wounds and shadow aspects. Embrace your vulnerabilites and uncover your stengths as you participate in ceremony and ritual. All to assist you in returning to a sense of power and confidence so that you may better show up in the world.

We explore through:

Lecture Style Conversations and Sharing


Sound Healing Journeys


Somatic Movement

Healing Breath Work

Guided Hypnosis

Chakra Exploration

Rituals and Ceremonies


Why Join
The Circle?

  • Experience profound healing: This 10-month journey offers you the time and space needed to address deep-rooted issues and bring about lasting transformation.

  • Nurturing community: Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar path of self-discovery. Together, we create a supportive and uplifting community where you can freely express yourself.

  • Expert guidance: As your facilitator, I have extensive experience in healing and self-development. I will walk beside you throughout the journey, providing guidance and holding space for your growth.

  • Holistic approach: The Circle: Heal to Rise integrates various healing modalities, ensuring that your mind, body, and spirit are nurtured on your healing journey.

Invest in yourself and embrace the transformative power of healing and self-discovery.

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