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Healing Hypnosis Downloads

Each Healing Hypnosis is a self-hypnosis meditation designed to assist you in releasing blocks, changing patterns and welcoming in powerful change. 


Each download is 2 hours long. The hypnosis portion is approximately 40-45 minutes, with the remaining time music only. This allows you to spend more time resting and integrating, or so that it can be used as a sleep hypnosis. 

Hypnosis for Healthy Eating

The Healthy Eating Hypnosis addresses binge eating and food control, releasing food as a coping mechanism and removing any emotional attachment to eating. It welcomes a healthy approach to food, only eating when you are hungry and avoiding eating when you're bored, as you welcome in more nourishing foods. 

Hypnosis for Welcoming Money and Abundance

The Hypnosis for Welcoming Money and Abundance addresses removing blocks around scarcity, lack of worthiness and any limiting beliefs around receiving money. It prompts you to be open to receive money, abundance and wealth in all it's forms and from all sources available to you. 

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