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Dates and Times TBD


Online Training

Energy Practitioner Master Course

Everything you feel you've been missing, in one place. A One Year Course commitment.

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Energy Practitioner Master Course
Energy Practitioner Master Course

Time & Location

Dates and Times TBD

Online Training


About the event

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I am so excited to offer The Energy Practioner Master Course. 

Who is this course for? 

  1. Those who are already Energy Practitioners but keep doing training after training to find what they're missing. 
  2. Those who want to be Energy Practitioners but haven't found the right fit yet. 
  3. Those that want to take a deep dive into the exploration of energy and spirituality. 

Why I created this course:

When I began my journey as an Energy Practitioner many years ago, I always left trainings with the simultaneous feeling of being excited and feeling like I had so much more to learn. I completed so many trainings in my search to find the missing elements, the things no one seemed to be telling me. I wanted my practice to be all emcompassing of the life I was trying to lead and the service I was offering. Where was the spiritual guidance? Why were the courses so short? One weekend and I could start offering services? It felt like it wasn't enough.  

Being an Energy Practitioner is an important offering and affects those that we work with very deeply.  It's a great responsibility to be in this position of trust.  Integrity within this practice is detrimental to our offering.  And we can't offer what we don't know and definitely shouldn't be "faking it until we make it". 

This course is for energy practitioners, regardless of your training, and aims to provide in depth knowledge on Energy Healing techniques, while also guiding you through all the questions that start to come up when we do this work. 

First, you'll explore your own energy system through the 7 main chakras that are so often worked with in practices such as Reiki, Sekhem and Sound Healing. It's so important to know your own patterns, wounds, strengths and gifts as a Practitioner and as a human in general.  We cannot offer what we have not experienced for ourselves. This section will also give you in depth knowledge on the Chakra system that can be used in your services. 

We'll then explore different lineages and teachings on Energy, learning the basics of each and perhaps sparking a passion for certain lineages. 

We'll look at what energy is from different perspectives, including the science behind it. 

We'll look at the practice of sound healing and learn how sound affects energy on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of our being. You'll learn how to facilitate a sound healing experience for your clients. 

We will explore the different manifestations of spiritual gifts and learn which are your strengths and how to develop them. This includes exploring psychic abilites such as clairvoyance, clairaudiance, etc. 

Including how to master your intuition and become a channel for spiritual work, including mediumship. 

We'll explore many techniques for moving energy, from perspectives including Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Pranayama.

We'll get in depth with Meditation and how to create meditation experiences for your clients and students. 

We'll explore Spirituality from different perspectives and learn how to find the elements of a spiritual practice that suit you as an individual.  This will include exploring different spiritual lineages and practices.  You will learn how to honour spiritual practices and create a relationship with Spirit, guides and angels.  

And we'll cover the ins and outs of running a spiritual business and charging money for spiritual services.  

You'll receive a certificate of completion from Solasta Healing Arts as an Energy Practitioner Master. 

This course aims to cover as much as possible to allow you to feel:

  • Confident in your offerings to clients
  • Capable of guiding others
  • Deeply connected to yourself and your own personal journey
  • Personally aware and connected to your Spiritual team
  • Spiritually knowledgable 

This course is a one year commitment

A weekend course can set you up to start a spiritual journey, but it will leave you with more questions than answers.  

Throughout this year you will slowly explore and integrate different knowledge and practices with the intention that you are discovering your unique gifts and giving these practices the attention they both need and deserve. Change does not happen over night, but one night can be the beginning of something amazing.  This course will not let you bypass the hard stuff.  It will ask you to be fully present as you honour yourself and the lineages of these spiritual practices. 

I pledge to do my absolute best in guiding you as the individual you are, that you feel completely supported throughout our year together. 

You'll pledge to honour yourself and the work, to dig deep when you're uncomfortable and rest when you need to. You'll pledge to be open to all perspectives and ideas and be aware and take action when you find yourself closing off or resisting.  You'll commit to this year with an open heart.  

This course is an online offering.  We will meet regularly through video calls for workshops, classes and sessions.  There will be homework, readings and assignments. 

There will be individual check in calls throughout the year to ensure you are fully supported and moving in the direction you want to be. 

Dates and details TBA.


Basic structure:

Monthly Classes, taking place on a weekend.  

Weekly check ins

Homework/tasks/rituals/readings to be submitted


RSVP to get on the waiting list or to ensure you receive updates on the Course! 

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